7 Reasons Your Drip Mail Campaign Strategy is Failing and how to Cope with it

7 Reasons Your Drip Mail Campaign Strategy is Failing and how to Cope with it


1. Not providing relevant information when needed

Do you know exactly what and when your prospects or customers need to know about your brand or product? Most of the marketers might know how to inform but lack the expertise of delivering it at the right time and vice versa. Studying the online behavior of your leads is a must and for a well-organized drip marketing strategy, every prospect is a priority.

2. The tone and message of the mail is too generic

Although the mail starts with their name, almost every mail recipient is aware of what they are receiving is sent to a thousand more. Therefore, they might not pay heed to the entire message at one glance. The tone of the content should be a bit more personalized, relevant, and informative.

3. Not targeting the blog readers  

Many might not agree, but your blog readers can also be a potential client depending on your project or product. Tag the blog readers with the drip tracking code and then send them relevant emails related to your project or product.

4. Not testing rigorously

Consistent testing, evaluation, and re-evaluation are some of the important aspects that most of the marketers miss out. Utilize your analytics tools to a T and test the potential of your drip marketing campaigns by testing, reviewing and analyzing the key performance indicators (KPI) with click throughs, open rates, and bounce rates time and time again.

5. Making the campaign too long

In this scroll through age, nobody has the time to dedicate a substantial amount of their time for marketing emails. Emails with less content always have the highest open and click rates. Period. So keep it simple and short. Better still if it has the image or video content keeping the nature of your target audience in mind. Also, make sure the subject line is not more than 10 words.

6. Marketing the same product/products already bought

Segregation of existing customers and potential customers are again skipped by many digital marketing pros. The marketing communication plan must be different for existing and probable clients. Get the right set of tools to keep track of all this. For instance, ensure not promoting the same product to customers who have already bought it.

7. Overlooking an efficient quality assurance process

It gets really annoying if you receive the same marketing mails time and again, right? Then why would you do the same for your potential recipients? Hiring a quality assurance professional might prevent you from getting lost in the fray.

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