Website / Mobile site development

UDMC equips you with a clear strategy for success to win the ‘scroll through’ age. Hence, mobile site development is the need of the hour. We have built our expertise towards mobile web services to help our clients make the most out of the mobile platform.

Our mobile development services are aimed at delivering the best user experience, no matter what device they use. From mobile site design to app development, mobile advertising and marketing to support and maintenance services, we are a one-stop destination for all your mobile development requirements.

  • Website/Mobile Site Design & Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Support & Maintenance


“Search is the most common starting point for mobile research at 48%, followed by branded websites at 33%, and branded apps at 26%.”
"The most effective B2B content marketers allocate a larger portion of their budget to content marketing: 42% of their total budget, compared to 28% for less-effective marketers."
Content Marketing Institute
"Conversion rates on smartphones are 15 times higher from searches than as a result of social media recommendations"